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Computational Phylogenomics

Enable evolutionary research in the genomic era

Our mission

We combine efficient bioinformatic methods and advanced models of molecular evolution for phylogenetic inference from ultra-large genomic data.
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IQ-TREE is our flagship software that implements new models and methods developed other the years.

Selected publications

  1. Want to track pandemic variants faster? Fix the bioinformatics bottleneck
    E.B. Hodcroft, N. De Maio, R. Lanfear, D.R. MacCannell, B.Q. Minh, H.A. Schmidt, A. Stamatakis, N. Goldman, C. Dessimoz
    Nature 591:30-33 (2021)

  2. QMaker: Fast and accurate method to estimate empirical models of protein evolution
    B.Q. Minh, C. Cao Dang, L.S. Vinh, R. Lanfear
    Systematic Biology 70:1046–1060 (2021)

  3. Undinarchaeota illuminate DPANN phylogeny and the impact of gene transfer on archaeal evolution
    N. Dombrowski, T.A. Williams, J. Sun, B.J. Woodcroft, J. Lee, B.Q. Minh, C. Rinke, A. Spang
    Nature Communications 11:3939 (2020)

  4. New methods to calculate concordance factors for phylogenomic datasets
    B.Q. Minh, M.W. Hahn, R. Lanfear
    Molecular Biology and Evolution 37:2727-2733 (2020)

  5. IQ-TREE 2: New models and efficient methods for phylogenetic inference in the genomic era
    B.Q. Minh, H.A. Schmidt, O. Chernomor, D. Schrempf, M.D. Woodhams, A. von Haeseler, R. Lanfear
    Molecular Biology and Evolution 37:1530-1534 (2020)

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