Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 2021 award

03 Sep 2021

Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative generously provided a funding of US$ 339,000 for the IQ-TREE software project: “Real-time genomic epidemiology with IQ-TREE”.

This project aims to significantly speed up IQ-TREE to enable real-time genomic epidemiology during ongoing outbreaks such as COVID-19, and to introduce continuous integration and a testing framework to ease software maintenance for all developers.

We are looking for two people for this project!

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Details for IQ-TREE project from CZI website.

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Minh's seminar for Vietnamese Bioinformatics Network

02 Mar 2021

Minh recently gave a seminar for the Vietnamese Bioinformatics Network about his work with IQ-TREE and challenges in COVID-19 data analysis. His recorded talk is now available on YouTube (in Vietnamese):

Nhan Trong Ly joins our group as a PhD student

04 Jan 2021

Welcome Nhan Trong Ly! Nhan just joined our group a PhD student. He will work on developing new effective methods for phylogenetic inference to deal with challenges from big biological data sets.

James Barbetti joins our group as software developer

01 Jun 2020

Welcome James Barbetti! James just joined our group a software developer. He will work on improving IQ-TREE for ultra-large genomic datasets, with a particular focus on COVID-19 data.

ARC discovery project 2020 award

04 Dec 2019

We have recently received an Australian Research Council discovery grant 2020, together with Prof. Allen Rodrigo (CI) and A/Prof. Rob Lanfear (co-CI), H/Prof. Lars Jermiin, and Prof. Matt Hahn. The value is $422,697 for a three-year Postdoc.

The topic is about Efficient phylogenetic methods that manage the curse of genomic complexity. This project aims to develop new methods and software to infer the evolutionary history of organisms using genomic data. These new phylogenomic methods need to take account of the complexity of evolutionary processes and/or patterns in time (along the evolutionary tree) and space (along the genome). This project is significant because these methods must merge mathematics and statistics with High-Performance Computing to handle the huge quantities of genetic data and the complexity of evolution itself. An important expected outcome of this project will be the development and release of freely-available software that incorporates these new methods. This project expects to benefit scientists who need to infer phylogenies from genomic data.

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 2019 award

15 Nov 2019

We have recently received a prestigious grant funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative for essential open source software for Life Science. The project is entitled IQ-TREE for Ultra-Large Genomic Data: To develop an open standard and API for phylogenetic models and improve the speed and scalability of the IQ-TREE software for phylogenetic inference from ultra-large genomic data.

We are looking for a Software Engineer for this project!

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Field Leader in Evolutionary Biology for Minh

29 Sep 2019

Congratulations to Minh, who has recently been named the Field Leader in Evolutionary Biology by The Australian.

The ANU has also been named the Lead Institution in two fields: Evolutionary Biology and Birds.

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