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PhD student, Australian National University


Nhan Trong Ly received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Networks and Communications, and his Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Information Technology (UIT) – Vietnam National University-HoChiMinh City in 2016 and 2019 respectively. He is currently a PhD student at the Australian National University (ANU).

Research Interests

His research interests span both Computer Science and Bioinformatics, consisting of distributed computing, parallel algorithms, big data, and phylogenetic inference. He is now focusing on developing new effective methods for phylogenetic inference to deal with challenges from big biological data sets.

Awards and Honours

  • 2020: ANU University Research Scholarship (covers living stipends) & ANU HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship (provides tuition fees) in 2020.


  1. UiTiOt v3: A Hybrid Testbed for Evaluation of Large-Scale IoT Networks
    N. Ly-Trong, C. Dang-Le-Bao, D. Huynh-Van, Q. Le-Trung
    Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology - SoICT 2018 155-162 (2018)

  2. Towards a large-scale IoT Emulation Testbed based on Container Technology
    N. Ly-Trong, C. Dang-Le-Bao, Q. Le-Trung
    2018 IEEE Seventh International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE) 63-68 (2018)

  3. Evaluation on UiTiOt Container-Based Emulation Testbed
    C. Dang-Le-Bao, N. Ly-Trong, Q. Le-Trung
    Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems 221:57-66 (2018)

  4. UiTiOt: A Container-Based Network Emulation Testbed
    C.D.L. Bao, N. Ly-Trong, Q. Le-Trung
    Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Machine Learning and Soft Computing 161-166 (2017)

Nhan Trong Ly

Research School of Computer Science, ANU
Hanna Neumann Building
145 Science Rd map

Lab members

Nhan Trong Ly
PhD student

Thomas Wong
Postdoctoral Fellow
joint with Rob Lanfear

James Barbetti
Software developer

Suha Naser
PhD student
co-supervised with Rob Lanfear

Minh Bui
Lab Leader

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