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PhD student, Australian National University


B.Sc. in Biotechnology Engineering (2006) from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and currently I am a PhD student at the Australian National University.

Research Interests

My PhD thesis focuses on violation of molecular evolution models, especially, I am interested in the assumptions of Homogeneity, Stationarity and Reversibility in amino acid and nucleotide substitution models.

Selected Publications

  1. The Prevalence and Impact of Model Violations in Phylogenetic Analysis
    S. Naser-Khdour, B.Q. Minh, W. Zhang, E.A. Stone, R. Lanfear
    Genome Biology and Evolution 11:3341-3352 (2019)

  2. Assessing Confidence in Root Placement on Phylogenies: An Empirical Study Using Non-Reversible Models for Mammals
    S. Naser-Khdour, B.Q. Minh, R. Lanfear
    Systematic Biology syab067 (2021)

  3. The Influence of Model Violation on Phylogenetic Inference: A Simulation Study
    S. Naser-Khdour, B.Q. Minh, R. Lanfear
    bioRxiv (2021)

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Suha Naser


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Suha Naser
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