1. The Influence of Model Violation on Phylogenetic Inference: A Simulation Study
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  3. 2020

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Journal papers


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  3. Want to track pandemic variants faster? Fix the bioinformatics bottleneck
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  5. 2020

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  12. 2019

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  16. 2018

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  22. 2017

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  25. 2016

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  30. 2015

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  36. 2014

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  40. 2013

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  42. 2010

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  44. 2009

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Refereed conference papers


  1. pQMaker: Empirically estimating amino acid substitution models in a parallel environment
    N.D. Canh, C. Cao Dang, L.S. Vinh, B.Q. Minh, D.T. Hoang
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  2. 2016

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  4. 2015

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  6. 2010

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    B.Q. Minh, S. Klaere, A. von Haeseler
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Refereed book chapters


  1. Split Diversity: Measuring and Optimizing Biodiversity Using Phylogenetic Split Networks
    O. Chernomor, S. Klaere, A. von Haeseler, B.Q. Minh
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  2. 2010

  3. ACOPHY: A Simple and General Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction
    H.Q. Dinh, B.Q. Minh*, H.X. Huan, A. von Haeseler (*co-first)
    Swarm Intelligence 6234:360-367 (2010)

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